About Us

Born of passion of three best friends dedicated to art, decoration and Interior Design for over 20 years, we have finally decided to join our knowledge and experience along with creativity to launch a new brand that combines Art, our Own Design and Objects with History. It is us: Eva Marco, Irene Marco, and Raúl Martins.

The value proposition of “Findings” had driven us to connect artists and craftsmen. We strive to work, design and collaborate with them. Select masterpieces and pieces with its history that bring value to homes. Our own designs are hand made by Spanish craftsmen to make sure that the pieces are done with care and are valued and especially sustainable – this is where we make difference.

We long to transform your home, making it beautiful, inspirational and peaceful giving a second home to an existing piece that we find for you or a piece of our own design made especially for you. We are there for you, ready to collaborate with you and share your needs and wants and listen to your ideas about how you can make your dream home with us.

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